Two best friends started a band. Their names were Scotty Perry & Lucas Hardy. They called their band Modern Honesty. A name that represents a mission to write the most honest music of their lives and to end the archaic nature of backstabbers, hold-me-downs and two-faced deadbeats.

The Acoustic Pop Punkers come from the Southern parts of the United Kingdom and are no strangers to the Pop Punk or Acoustic scene. Both were formally part of Southampton based Pop Punk band The City Calls who had played the big festivals (Glastonbury Festival’s 40th Anniversary), the independent festivals (Butserfest co-headline with Deaf Havana) and the club circuit (including The Joiners in Southampton and the Barfly in Camden). The City Calls had also released two records through independent label I Am Mighty Records, A Spark To Ignite and Dirty Tricks and toured the UK in beaten up vans and cars up until their disbandment in 2012.

11026610_10205243475739161_674233164_nScotty Perry and Lucas Hardy stuck with music by continuing to play solo shows with just themselves and a guitar. Until, in 2014, an idea was created to start a new band in the effort to re-ignite the songwriting team they thrived in with their previous efforts.

Modern Honesty have been writing and recording throughout the better part of 2014, releasing  their first two songs: ‘Years’ and ‘Souls’, both representing the band’s Pop Punk sound but also explores a Folk side that the two are new to. With a new year on the clock, they will be releasing their first record and will be gigging and touring up and down the UK for the foreseeable future.