The Weekend Before Last

Before we get started we want to mention that if you’re in the Southampton area, we are playing The Joiners on September 2nd/TOMORROW! We are supporting the very awesome The Dear Hunter and you can still get tickets from – Hope to see you there!

Back to the weekend before last… We played our first wedding on Saturday, August 22nd. Without having a single song about love or relationships we were honoured and felt lucky to be asked to bring a bit of Acoustic Pop Punk to their wedding.

We spend majority of the one to two hour journey there laughing and shouting, making up for the couple weeks we hadn’t seen each other. The Sat-Nav eventually gets us to where we need to be in Pilton and we park up in a field next to an awesome little gazebo, bar and party. First drink is on the groom, much appreciated.

Some time is spent saying hello to the folk about and checking the stage/PA we’ll be using. After an hour or so, it’s time for us to head onstage and play some songs. Now, it’s the first wedding we have done. We wanted to open up with a nice congratulations to the bride and groom. Scotty had dealt with the booking on this show so he takes to the mic to introduce our band and give his congratulations to the newly weds.

“Congratulations to the happy couple, Mr and Mrs Brooks!”

Silence takes the room and you can see muttering within the crowd, then a voice from across the room shouts, “IT’S BARNES”. Probably the best way ever for a band to break the ice at a wedding gig. Playing the first couple of songs through laughter we end up playing a really fun set and everyone enjoyed themselves. So, regardless of the no. 1 mistake you can make at a wedding, we hope Mr and Mrs BARNES had a brilliant day.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.22.42The next day we headed to Salisbury to play some songs at this years Glastonbelly, a great indoor festival that takes place every year and raises money for The Trussell Trust who work to empower local communities to end hunger and combat poverty. We were also left with a great story to tell at that show, and promote our wedding package. Requesting name badges for the next one though.

Happy Bank Holiday (Is that a thing?),
Modern Honesty

Stories from the Isle of Wight Festival – Part 3

After an extremely eventful time the night before, we get up and we’re still a little bemused by the whole thing. Our shoes and clothes are destroyed by mud and rain so we prepare ourselves a little better this time around. We head for a bus to the festival site as we weren’t camping over the weekend due to having guitars and all. Scotty graces the bus stop with some more music, no sing-a-longs this time but they clearly loved it.

Today would be our second and final show of the the Isle of Wight Festival and we are mega excited to get out there and make some noise. We decided to grab ourselves a Wetherspoons lunch to save some money (Beer & A Burger), to our disappointment they cut out the beer part but kept the price the same so it was no different to us getting food at the festival site… Ah well. The sun is shining today and it stayed that way so we were pretty psyched about not having to swim home again. We get a couple of beverages (and an ever important trolly) for the walk up to Festival. It’s such a good atmosphere around the site and we can’t wait to come back again next year which, of course we HAVE to come back. Too good to miss out on.

Now, we had a little walk around the site but spent majority of our day in the artist area having a chat with folk and making the most of the cheaper bar.

The time comes around for us to get ready for our show so we grab our guitars and probably one of the coolest parts of the weekend happens… We get a golf cart down to our stage. You see them driving about all day with artists/staff on and it’s the dream really. So, getting that was fun. Granted, our stage was a 2 minute walk away from where we were so it was the SHORTEST drive ever but it all adds to the experience, right?

We wait backstage for a bit but we’re a little early so taking advantage of the short walk back to the artist area, we walk back (completely wasted BUT experience worthy cart journey) to grab a drink and do some toilet business, like you needed to know that. Walking back to the stage we were playing we meet a great chap called Nick who we’d found on Twitter prior to the fest. He helps promote unsigned bands and artists and has helped us with a couple of things after the festival. Check his Twitter out here:

IMG_60022After a little chat and a few photos, we head through to the stage and start setting up for the set. We saw a bunch of familiar faces from our previous band The City Calls so it was awesome knowing that they like our new music and took the time to come see us, amongst all the bands playing that day. In what was a fun, relaxed and HOT show, we pack up and start chatting to some of the folk that watched us. IMG_6008 banw

After spending some time in the stage area we decide to head back to the Artist bar and celebrate Modern Honesty’s first festival. We stuck around until Blur came on and caught some of their set. Before we got lost in the crowd with our guitars smacking into everyone, we decide to head back to where we were staying. The walk home wasn’t nearly as bad the night before. We had a trolly, it wasn’t raining but we sure did miss the impromptu meeting with a stranger who had a harmonica and let us touch his heart (Sorry, what?).

We wake up Sunday, the last day *tears flow*, and head back to the Festival to make the most of what was left of the weekend. Another quick wizz around the festival site and YOU GUESSED IT we headed back to the artist area. We met Nick there from the day before as he was hanging out there, we got him in there the night before so he could meet some more bands and stuff so was cool to see him doing his thing still!backstage iow fest

After some laughs, a few drinks and FREE FOOD (a welcome addition to the Festival, any Festival!) Scotty had to head back to Southampton and Lucas stuck around to watch a few bands and keep the infamous artist area warm a little longer (3am), so we end the Modern Honesty Festival times with fond memories and fun shows and definitely gaining the urge to come back next year.  Check out our upcoming gigs, and hope you can make it to one!

Modern Honesty

Stories from the Isle of Wight Festival – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

It was assured a few times during the day, that the walk home would only be a quiet 30 minutes. This was an estimate that was greatly exaggerated and what happened on this walk home was a little more than expected.

Now, the rain didn’t let up on the Friday night for our entire walk home. So were drenched about 2 minutes into the walk. We power through in soaked canvas shoes, singing popular songs but also replacing a word or two to keep them amusing and keep spirits high. I think one of the words was ‘Pasty’… we were hungry. This walk home is essentially a long straight path with about 3 or 4 hills, so after a while you start thinking you’re at the end… but it’ll just keep going and going. A simple, “Oh, we are nearly there.”, kept us from going a little mad.

Arriving at the bottom of the biggest hill we are shouting/singing/complaining but across the other side of the road, we hear another voice. An older looking chap, wearing a high visibility jacket and riding a bicycle. He gives us a little lighthearted positivity boost for our journey and we think that’s the end of it. It was not. He asks us to wait as he cycles across the road to talk to us.

We chat to the guy briefly before he puts his hand in his pocket as he wants to show us something. “This is it, this is the end”, you can sometimes think in those situations, BUT he removes from his pocket… a Harmonica. Scotty gets his guitar out and the extremely impromptu jam starts. It’s raining heavily at this point, we’re out on the side of the road making some beautiful noise, getting super wet but we’re far past the point of caring and it was so fun.

The song ends and our new friend decides to walk with us for a while. We continue to tell the helpful lie of “We’re so nearly there.”, until we actually reach the home stretch. We stop for a while as our new cycling, harmonica playing, yellow jacketed friend wants to roll a cigarette. It went horrendously silent as we watch him pulling out paper after paper, each one getting soddened before you could even start. Eventually, after a little help, one is rolled and we have a small conversation and he wants to share a bit about himself. He stuttered a lot and struggled to structure a sentence but we learn that he had suffered a heart attack and a stroke.

Now the guy is still cycling and just getting on with it so that is incredible, but for a moment we thought things were about to go south again.

“Do you want to touch a man’s heart?”, he asks.

Now, instantly, we’re thinking he totally means his penis. He proceeds to ask again and he tells us he has a pace maker under his skin that you can feel. It only took a little persuasion but it was a ‘Fuck It’ type moment and we touch this gentleman’s heart. Very strange. We began saying our goodbyes, naturally, because something we have now learned in life is that when you begin to touch a man’s heart, the conversation has peaked.

He hops on his bike and continues on… to Portsmouth we were told. When we finally get home we are tired, bemused & bewildered, yet ultimately appreciative of one of the best days ever. Our guitars & clothes were destroyed by mud and rain and after a night-cap we just had to get some sleep as we had another show to do…

The final part of our IOW Festival blogs will be up next week!
Modern Honesty

P.S. We didn’t get the bus because from the festival to where we we staying as it was £6 – A price we could’ve and probably should’ve paid but this blog would have been a lot shorter.

Stories from the Isle of Wight Festival – Part 1

We had one hell of a weekend at the Isle of Wight Festival 2015 and we built some damn good memories in and out of the festival site. Without a shadow of a doubt we want to be back next year and enjoy it all over again. A big thank you to anyone who caught our set or hung out with us.

Friday – Rehearsals began early in the day as we had a set in the evening at the Tangerine Tree. Before the festival we got printed a bunch of flyers where we could write our set times on and flyer crowds on the Friday and Saturday, we wrote out a shit load, we gave out about 20. Due to wanting a few beverages at the festival we elected not to take a car and so got a bus to the site and get our wristbands. Get to the bus stop: Cue and impromptu rendition of ‘Rockin All Over The World’ by Scotty with a group of middle-aged ladies singing along. Vibes already high. We get off the bus, it’s a hell of a walk to get our wristbands so we do it the festival way and ‘borrow’ a trolly to carry our guitars. Not nearly the worst walk of the weekend; to be fair.

Wristbands acquired, we head to check the stage out for the evening and introduce ourselves. To save dishing out pleasantries all through this, EVERYONE was so damn nice and helpful and it only helped us have a kick-ass weekend. Back to the show…
The Tangerine Tree stage was part of a boutique camping experience. I’m sure there’s nothing boutique about two loud boys in denim jackets but we had a really fun time and the crowd dug it.

Prior to playing the Tangerine Tree we went on a hunt to discover the Artist Bar Area as it had regular bar prices and a pretty spacious spot to sit down and chill out before our set. We spent the rest of the evening in this bar because after our set it began to rain… heavily… like… really heavily. It was damn funny walking to the Artist Area, we didn’t take wellies or coats so we got damn wet. Spirits high we hung around the bar until we were more of a damp mess than entirely waterlogged and decided to walk home shortly after.

But that’s another story…

Modern Honesty

Isle Of Wight Festival 2015

We will be playing this years Isle of Wight Festival!

Come watch us in two different places:

  • Friday – Tangerine Tree – 7pm
  • Saturday – Zebra Bar – 7:30pm

Use the poster below for your Instagram and for pasting onto that graffiti’d wall outside your local.
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