Stories from the Isle of Wight Festival – Part 1

We had one hell of a weekend at the Isle of Wight Festival 2015 and we built some damn good memories in and out of the festival site. Without a shadow of a doubt we want to be back next year and enjoy it all over again. A big thank you to anyone who caught our set or hung out with us.

Friday – Rehearsals began early in the day as we had a set in the evening at the Tangerine Tree. Before the festival we got printed a bunch of flyers where we could write our set times on and flyer crowds on the Friday and Saturday, we wrote out a shit load, we gave out about 20. Due to wanting a few beverages at the festival we elected not to take a car and so got a bus to the site and get our wristbands. Get to the bus stop: Cue and impromptu rendition of ‘Rockin All Over The World’ by Scotty with a group of middle-aged ladies singing along. Vibes already high. We get off the bus, it’s a hell of a walk to get our wristbands so we do it the festival way and ‘borrow’ a trolly to carry our guitars. Not nearly the worst walk of the weekend; to be fair.

Wristbands acquired, we head to check the stage out for the evening and introduce ourselves. To save dishing out pleasantries all through this, EVERYONE was so damn nice and helpful and it only helped us have a kick-ass weekend. Back to the show…
The Tangerine Tree stage was part of a boutique camping experience. I’m sure there’s nothing boutique about two loud boys in denim jackets but we had a really fun time and the crowd dug it.

Prior to playing the Tangerine Tree we went on a hunt to discover the Artist Bar Area as it had regular bar prices and a pretty spacious spot to sit down and chill out before our set. We spent the rest of the evening in this bar because after our set it began to rain… heavily… like… really heavily. It was damn funny walking to the Artist Area, we didn’t take wellies or coats so we got damn wet. Spirits high we hung around the bar until we were more of a damp mess than entirely waterlogged and decided to walk home shortly after.

But that’s another story…

Modern Honesty