Stories from the Isle of Wight Festival – Part 3

After an extremely eventful time the night before, we get up and we’re still a little bemused by the whole thing. Our shoes and clothes are destroyed by mud and rain so we prepare ourselves a little better this time around. We head for a bus to the festival site as we weren’t camping over the weekend due to having guitars and all. Scotty graces the bus stop with some more music, no sing-a-longs this time but they clearly loved it.

Today would be our second and final show of the the Isle of Wight Festival and we are mega excited to get out there and make some noise. We decided to grab ourselves a Wetherspoons lunch to save some money (Beer & A Burger), to our disappointment they cut out the beer part but kept the price the same so it was no different to us getting food at the festival site… Ah well. The sun is shining today and it stayed that way so we were pretty psyched about not having to swim home again. We get a couple of beverages (and an ever important trolly) for the walk up to Festival. It’s such a good atmosphere around the site and we can’t wait to come back again next year which, of course we HAVE to come back. Too good to miss out on.

Now, we had a little walk around the site but spent majority of our day in the artist area having a chat with folk and making the most of the cheaper bar.

The time comes around for us to get ready for our show so we grab our guitars and probably one of the coolest parts of the weekend happens… We get a golf cart down to our stage. You see them driving about all day with artists/staff on and it’s the dream really. So, getting that was fun. Granted, our stage was a 2 minute walk away from where we were so it was the SHORTEST drive ever but it all adds to the experience, right?

We wait backstage for a bit but we’re a little early so taking advantage of the short walk back to the artist area, we walk back (completely wasted BUT experience worthy cart journey) to grab a drink and do some toilet business, like you needed to know that. Walking back to the stage we were playing we meet a great chap called Nick who we’d found on Twitter prior to the fest. He helps promote unsigned bands and artists and has helped us with a couple of things after the festival. Check his Twitter out here:

IMG_60022After a little chat and a few photos, we head through to the stage and start setting up for the set. We saw a bunch of familiar faces from our previous band The City Calls so it was awesome knowing that they like our new music and took the time to come see us, amongst all the bands playing that day. In what was a fun, relaxed and HOT show, we pack up and start chatting to some of the folk that watched us. IMG_6008 banw

After spending some time in the stage area we decide to head back to the Artist bar and celebrate Modern Honesty’s first festival. We stuck around until Blur came on and caught some of their set. Before we got lost in the crowd with our guitars smacking into everyone, we decide to head back to where we were staying. The walk home wasn’t nearly as bad the night before. We had a trolly, it wasn’t raining but we sure did miss the impromptu meeting with a stranger who had a harmonica and let us touch his heart (Sorry, what?).

We wake up Sunday, the last day *tears flow*, and head back to the Festival to make the most of what was left of the weekend. Another quick wizz around the festival site and YOU GUESSED IT we headed back to the artist area. We met Nick there from the day before as he was hanging out there, we got him in there the night before so he could meet some more bands and stuff so was cool to see him doing his thing still!backstage iow fest

After some laughs, a few drinks and FREE FOOD (a welcome addition to the Festival, any Festival!) Scotty had to head back to Southampton and Lucas stuck around to watch a few bands and keep the infamous artist area warm a little longer (3am), so we end the Modern Honesty Festival times with fond memories and fun shows and definitely gaining the urge to come back next year.  Check out our upcoming gigs, and hope you can make it to one!

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