The Weekend Before Last

Before we get started we want to mention that if you’re in the Southampton area, we are playing The Joiners on September 2nd/TOMORROW! We are supporting the very awesome The Dear Hunter and you can still get tickets from – Hope to see you there!

Back to the weekend before last… We played our first wedding on Saturday, August 22nd. Without having a single song about love or relationships we were honoured and felt lucky to be asked to bring a bit of Acoustic Pop Punk to their wedding.

We spend majority of the one to two hour journey there laughing and shouting, making up for the couple weeks we hadn’t seen each other. The Sat-Nav eventually gets us to where we need to be in Pilton and we park up in a field next to an awesome little gazebo, bar and party. First drink is on the groom, much appreciated.

Some time is spent saying hello to the folk about and checking the stage/PA we’ll be using. After an hour or so, it’s time for us to head onstage and play some songs. Now, it’s the first wedding we have done. We wanted to open up with a nice congratulations to the bride and groom. Scotty had dealt with the booking on this show so he takes to the mic to introduce our band and give his congratulations to the newly weds.

“Congratulations to the happy couple, Mr and Mrs Brooks!”

Silence takes the room and you can see muttering within the crowd, then a voice from across the room shouts, “IT’S BARNES”. Probably the best way ever for a band to break the ice at a wedding gig. Playing the first couple of songs through laughter we end up playing a really fun set and everyone enjoyed themselves. So, regardless of the no. 1 mistake you can make at a wedding, we hope Mr and Mrs BARNES had a brilliant day.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.22.42The next day we headed to Salisbury to play some songs at this years Glastonbelly, a great indoor festival that takes place every year and raises money for The Trussell Trust who work to empower local communities to end hunger and combat poverty. We were also left with a great story to tell at that show, and promote our wedding package. Requesting name badges for the next one though.

Happy Bank Holiday (Is that a thing?),
Modern Honesty